Cameron's Measurement System division designs, manufactures and distributes measurement and control instrumentation for the global oil and gas and proses control industries. The Division was established in 2003 as A result of the acquisition and merger of three well respected companies : Barton Instrument System, Halliburton Measurement Systems and PMC Global Industries. Since then, the Division has ecquired North Star Flow Products, Caldon, Inc.,and the technologies of Polartek 2000 Ltd. and Sentech AS.

Each of these companies brought to the Division decades of experience, loyal custemers and competitive strengths such as field-proven product brands, worldwide sales and distribution channels and strategically situated teams of instrumentation professionals. Today the Division is a leader in four key product sectors: chard recorders, turbine meters, flow analyzers and positive displacement meters and is setting the standard for flow computers, sampling systems, ultrasonics and water cut analysis. Flagship product brands include BARTON®, NUFLO, Clif Mock, CALDON®.

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